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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Your Moment of Sanity

Tweeted via Bruce Baker, a moment of sanity:
Yet there are many people out there (particularly this fall…) who are using these kinds of false distinctions to try to rhetorically disarm their opponents. They’re probably aware that their arguments, or the evidence behind them, don’t stand up to careful scrutiny. Or, they’re confused when confronted with surprisingly credible arguments that nevertheless make them uncomfortable. So, they deflect to emotional appeals (“Do you really care about the children?”) or faulty logic (“It’s either this bad method or nothing at all“) to hide the fact that they may be uninformed, struggling with cognitive dissonance, or being deliberately manipulative.
My guesses (l to r):
Deliberately Manipulative, Uninformed, Struggling with Cog-Dis, Uninformed

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