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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pitchfork Bob Loses His Mind

As expected, the Democrats’ latest political theater presentation — on the Race to the Top grant lost because former Education Commissioner Bret Schundler screwed it up — produced little of note but was good for a few laughs. The best part was when Schundler said my 101.5 FM colleague Jim Gearhart was questioning why Gov. Christie would cave in to the New Jersey Education Association after campaigning he would stand up to the teachers union known for its bullying. Schundler said Christie heard Gearhart on the way to work and didn’t like what Gearhart had to say. That gave dim bulb Sen. Paul Sarlo his chance in the spotlight. He said he didn’t know Gearhart set education policy and that he couldn’t hear him in Bergen County. That might account for how uninformed Sarlo is every time he opens his mouth, but I digress. The truth is if Sarlo really cared he could listen to 101.5 FM anywhere in the world because it is on the Internet. Sarlo should know the Internet, his fellow Democrat Al Gore invented it.

Al Gore internet jokes - that's what he's got? Aside from the fact that every sentient being in the USA now knows that Gore never said he invented the internet, didn't these stupid "jokes" go out of style around 2002?

And Sarlo is a "dim bulb" because he doesn't take the time to listen to the Jersey Guys on a webcast? (My personal view is that the less you listen to 101.5, the brighter your bulb will be...)

There is no doubt that Gearhart drove the disGrace To The Top u-turn. Denying it makes you look even more clueless than usual, Pitchfork.

Oh, and please:

  • Learn to link.
  • Tell the marketing people nothing is worse than ads with the sound on by default.

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