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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Kid On the Block

Catherine Lugg is layin' it down, blog style. Check her out, starting with this:
It’s been a horrific kick-off to the 2010-11 school-year. We could be paralyzed by our sorrow, but I’m urging all of us to use our rage and sorrow for more constructive ends.
1. Please call your congressperson and your US senators to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act.
2. Please call your congressperson and your US senators to URGE the inclusion of LGBT identity questions on ALL federal educational surveys. This data collection should be as matter of fact as collecting information on a student’s race and gender. This is “Plan B” since I’m not too hopeful about Point 1 being passed during the current congressional session, and I have NO hope about it passing in the next. The majority of our federal legislators need a collective spinal transplant to defend queer kids. So, if we could merely count them, then, that would be a good start.
Read the whole thing. GLBTQ is the final frontier for socially acceptable prejudice. We need people like Catherine documenting this fight.

And - I say this as a straight, white male - we'd better understand right quick that this is EVERYONE'S fight. I know it's more comfortable to turn your head and ignore it - I'm as guilty as anyone on this. But the price of apathy is more Tyler Clementis.

That price is far, far too high.

(That coastline photo is amazing)

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