I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't EVER Ask Teachers About Education!

You have got to be kidding me:

Brian Zychowsky was an intriguing choice to lead Gov. Chris Christie’s new task force charged with devising a statewide system for evaluating teachers and principals. 
At one point said to have been on Christie’s short list to be state education commissioner, the North Brunswick school superintendent said he’s open to the ideas of merit pay for teachers and better ways of linking teacher performance with student performance. 
The committee includes a Perth Amboy teacher with the American Federation of Teachers, but none from the New Jersey Education Association, by far the state’s largest teacher union. 
In addition to Zychowsky and Bradford, the others appointed yesterday were:
  • Jesse Rector, Clinton Hill Campus President of North Star Academy Charter School;
  • Ross Danis, Associate Dean of Education at Drew University;
  • Donna Chiera, an Executive of the American Federation of Teachers and Special Education Resource Teacher;
  • Rafael Fajardo, former President of the Elizabeth Board of Education;
  • Rev. Edwin Leahy, Headmaster of St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark;
  • Jane Cosco, retired teacher and Director of Operation Goody Bag;
  • Peggy Sue Juliano, Executive Board Member of the Lacy Township High School PTA.
In related news: the Christie Administration announced the members of a new commission to revamp doctor licensing review. The members:
  • Chairman: A hospital administrator who no longer practices medicine.
  • A doctor who is not a member of the AMA.
  • An administrator for a hospital that never takes chronic cases.
  • A med school professor who no longer sees patients.
  • Another doctor who is not a member of the AMA and spends most of her time administrating.
  • A hospital trustee who is not a doctor.
  • Another administrator of a hospital; this one kicks out patients if they won't get better.
  • A retired doctor.
  • A patient advocate.
Everybody OK with that?

ADDING: I forgot Darrell Bradford. That's like appointing a homeopath.

ALSO: Oops, looks like I counted Chiera twice. Don't blog while taking breaks from raking leaves.


thinker said...

I really think your analogy is flawed this time Duke. There are far too many doctors on this list, it should be limited to one or two at most in order to fairly equate with the task force our governor has recently appointed. Even though your doctors are not AMA members or mainly administrate, there are still too many who could possibly have a modicum of understanding of what doctors face in practice. Thankfully, the new teacher evaluation task force doesn't have this problem; almost no one on it has teaching experience!

thinker said...

I also want to add that in addition to my disappointment (though it was not at all surprising) with there being not one current NJEA teacher on this task force, I was also very disappointed to see no one on here, at first glance, seems qualified to take a critical look at the accumulated body of research and data behind any reform that might be considered. I was hoping that someone of Bruce Baker's caliber might be included instead of, oh I don't know, a random PTA or board of education member. I suppose that was too much to hope for. Then again, considering that most of the data and research avaialable would quash most of what Christie wants pushed through, perhaps this was not an oversight.

Duke said...

Thinker, you got me: I counted Chiera twice! Very poor reading comprehension skills today.

I count one current and one former teacher, and the current teacher is a union official with AFT. That's pathetic.

Yeah Bruce would have been great. But I think Barbara Keshishian had a better chance...