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Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Like This: Buono Edition

Showing some spine:
Before Schundler began his remarks, Buono and Republican Sen. Tom Kean sparred over whether Republicans should be able to substitute another Republican senator for the spot of absent Sen. Joseph Kyrillos, who was on vacation. There were four Democratic senators and Kean at the hearing. Normally there would be two Republicans. 
Kean also sought to delay the hearing while questions were clarified about whether executive privilege required the withholding of Schundler’s collection of emails on the failed application. That question was not cleared up before Buono started the hearing. 
At one point, Buono told Kean “I will ask you to be removed from the room if you continue” to interrupt.
What, you mean Democrats should fight these guys when they try to withhold politically damaging documents? I thought Dems were just supposed to play kissy-face with them on Oprah...

Cory says, "I've got your back, Chris."

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