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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Recruit Great Public Workers

This little blurb at NJ Spotlight is sure to lure the best and the brightest into public service:

Number Of The Day

October 28, 2010


Do you have neighbors who work for the state government? Curious as to how much they earn? Check out the public payroll on www.yourmoney.nj.gov and look them up. The site, which is run by the NJ Treasury Department, is a Christie administration effort to ensure data transparency for the budget and operations of the state government.
The site includes budgets by departments, public payroll by employee name and even a running tabulation of how state departments are performing according to metrics they and the governor have drawn up. (This last feature is in the early stages.) NJSpotlight’s Number of the Day aims to use the tool frequently and to make sense of some of the data that’s provided.
And the $140,000? That’s how much Andrew P. Sidamore-Eristoff, the state treasurer, earns from his state.

Wow, you mean I can have a job where my neighbors can find out how much I make? For real?!?

What a dream come true...

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