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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Democrats Do Things Republicans would NEVER Do

Case in point:
Amid the bizarre spectacle in the fallout from the state’s loss of $400 million in federal Race to the Top aid, one of the strangest plot lines involves Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex).
First, there was her refusal two weeks ago to go along with a motion to issue subpoenas seeking testimony and documents. She finally voted with fellow Democrats in favor of the subpoenas and then left the Senate chamber near tears.
Then, there was her lengthy statement at the close of Thursday’s session of the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee right after fired education commissioner Bret Schundler concluded three hours of testimony largely skewering Gov. Chris Christie and some of his key aides.
“All of this right now detracts us from that mission (of fixing schools) and that agenda,” Ruiz said. “What is couched in cynicism is precisely what is occurring today. ... What we’re doing today is detract from ourselves and it is unfortunate that I’m part of this process.”
Ruiz’s remarks led some GOP staffers to tell reporters privately that Ruiz was “better than having another Republican” on the committee. Democrats were stunned.
Insiders tell The Auditor Ruiz is caught between loyalty to her Democratic colleagues and loyalty to Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, for whom she works when she’s not in Trenton. Though he’s a Democrat, DiVincenzo has quietly conspired on some issues with the Republican governor, and Christie has been working overtime to avoid the spectacle of subpoenas and hostile testimony from Schundler.
Adding to the display Thursday was the presence of DiVincenzo’s chief of staff Phil Alagia, who sat through the entire hearing. Alagia said he was there because he had another meeting at 11 a.m. and only stopped by for the fireworks. But by 1 p.m., Alagia had not left. Democrats said he appeared to be there enforcing DiVincenzo’s will, which Alagia denied.
Ruiz denied Alagia pressured her or that she felt torn between her caucus and DiVincenzo.
“It’s not a matter of loyalty. It’s a matter of an individual ... having an opportunity to express a change of opinion,” she said.
Is there anyone here who could possibly imagine the roles reversed? A Republican being pressured by a Democratic patron to undercut Republicans?

No, I didn't think so...

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