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Monday, October 4, 2010

We're #1... or not....

Christie reportedly says we #1 in spending on education:
The governor added that New Jersey spends roughly $2.5 billion annually on education—the highest in the country. But, the governor added, there are currently 104,000 students in 205 failing schools around the state.

 Bruce Baker says, "Not so fast...":
While it makes great rhetoric to claim “first in the nation” or “last in the nation” or “most expensive,” the best one can really do here is to delineate in terms of relatively high or relatively low. Not great headline stuff, but that’s how it goes. New Jersey – NOT THE HIGHEST IN THE NATION – rather, “relatively high.” California – NOT LAST IN THE NATION – but damn close to it by some measures, and still low by others!
Before I get to Bruce's post, a quick reminder from September 1, 2010:
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie has advised the education department not to release a report Tuesday which details how much New Jersey spends per pupil, over concerns it could hurt the state in a current legal challenge.
Though Christie stopped short of saying the state would not produce the report, as required by law, he recommended Tuesday delaying it while the state fights a lawsuit filed in June by a New Jersey education advocacy group.
So he makes the claim that we're #1, but refuses to release a report to back up that claim.

Well, isn't that convenient!

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