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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pot, Meet Kettle

And Barb Buono, meet Bob "Hoover" Ingle:
State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff ticked off a list of possible budget cuts if Chief Justice Rabner and the Supremes orders the state to provide an additional $1.6 billion in funds for schools in the on-going Abbott schools suit. Before the Senate Budget Committee, the treasurer said that if the court rules against the Christie administration the state may have to cut funds from Medicaid, direct property tax relief, municipal aid, higher education, hospitals, a pre-school program and the PAAD prescription program. Then came the usual and customary Democratic response: “I was shocked at the level of disrespect that this treasurer showed the committee,” said Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono who is disappointed Christie won’t sign a so-called millionaire’s tax.
Oh, sure. Here’s the thing: The Democrats and Jon Corzine wrote the millionaire’s tax to end Dec. 31, which it did. If they loved it so much, they had three weeks before Christie became governor to pass it again and sign it into law. They didn’t. So it makes their complaining now look a lot less than sincere and more like partisan politics. Broken record politics at that.
First: is "Hoover" five years old? Did he expect the Democrats to just hand Christie a tax that would save him from slashing the budget while simultaneously allowing him to beat the Democrats over the head as tax-and-spenders? This is how the grown-up world works, Bob.

Second: I can absolutely guarantee you all the Christie suck-ups like "Hoover" would have gone on and on about how the Democrats railroaded the tax through at the last minutes of the Corzine term. Bob would still be tut-tutting about it now.

Third: it's absolutely hilarious that "Hoover" would accuse Buono of being a "broken record" when he's made this argument about how the Dems should have passed the millionaires tax during Corzine's last days...

... over...

... and over...

... and over...

... and over again.
Gannett pays me to repeat Christie's arguments for him over and over again!
'Cause I'm the best suck up EVER!

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