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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pointy Heads!

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Chris Christie, 4/21/11:
"I'm shocked to know that a liberal professor from Princetonbelieves in higher taxes on rich people," Christie said when asked about the study. "What's your next news flash? That President Obama's running for reelection?"[...]
"When you're dealing with professors, certain things that are theoretical are interesting, but guys like me and Andrew Cuomo have to deal with what's real, and what's real is what happens on the ground," Christie said. "And what happens on the ground is, when they raise taxes, people leave to go other places, because they're the most mobile people to begin with."
Chris Christie, 4/21/11:

Governor Christie is reacting to comments made by a Rutgers labor relations professor during an Assembly hearing - that a number of toll takers would commit suicide if the state privatizes toll collections.During last night's edition of Millennium Radio's Ask The Governor program, Christie first seemed to be stunned by the comment - then he got angry.
"It never ceases to amaze me" said the Governor, "the outrageous things that liberal academics in ivory towers are willing to say to try to preserve their failed status quo - and that is disgusting...he should be ashamed of himself."
Christie added "but I'm not the least bit surprised, because I've been dealing with these type of liberal ivory tower academics who are completely in the tank for their liberal causes for my entire career...I guess they wanted to give the liberal academic in the ivory tower a chance to grand-stand - to try to vilify the administration...
Chris Cerf (Christie's Commissioner of Eduction), 4/17/11:

"[Rutgers Professor] Dr. [Bruce] Baker has never seen a reform he likes, so at least he's consistent on that point. He's against charter schools, against using data in any way, shape or form to evaluate teachers. I don't think he's been for any kind of accountability system when it comes to differentiating between excellence and mediocrity."
Anyone else noticing a pattern here?
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