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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Am I Blue?

Yes, I am - I've just joined the fine folks at Blue Jersey as a Staff Writer. And I hear it pays almost as much as I've made writing this blog!

For those of you who remain tragically unhip, Blue Jersey is the statewide equivalent of DailyKos: a netroots hub of progressive, liberal, Democratic activity. I've been cross-posting there for some time, and I've now made the commitment to add original material several times a week.

This blog is still writing priority #1, and my largest commitment after my family, my job, my composing, my health, my pursuit of the perfect martini...

(Those last two are at cross purposes, aren't they?)

So even though you'll see me at BJ regularly, I'm still going to keep churning out the snark here in a color scheme that would make Jim Boeheim proud. I hope you'll consider following me in both forums.

(Don't worry, Chris: ask your taxpayer-funded tweeter to help you figure it out. I know you're a closet fan...)

One more time, just for me:


Mammamoiselle said...
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DeclineRedux said...


Congratulations on expanding your repertoire. In this environment, however, I think it's more appropriate to go the 'Twisted Blues' route. May I offer my all time faves Wes Montgomery:


Duke said...

LF: that's the stuff!