I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Injection of Stupid

See, this here is what I'm talking about. Why would a writer for EdWeek, supposedly a "serious" forum for education policy discussion, ever link to a piece of sexist inanity like this?
The "Girlie Man" culture teaches government dependency. Government schools are in the business of turning the next generation into social parasites. Where would the next crop of union teachers and careerist administrators come from if they are not trained to be a government welfare recipient in the public school system? Surely having to get a real job in the business world does not fit into the scheme of entitled government employees.
Stopping this rip off should be self-evident. However, the lack of guts to abolish public education demonstrates the triumph of folly over prudence. Home schooling avoids the destructive and harmful socialization experience of "cannot we all get along" mingling. Forcing government to divert your tax dollars to educate your own children in a school of your own choosing would institute a renaissance in excellent academic instruction and accelerate the closing of failed "Oprah's world" public schools, which are really prisons of misinformation and camps of Sapphic feminist bonding. [author's emphasis]
Sapphic. Yeah, the lesbians are coming for your kids.

And here's what "Oprah's world" really looks like:

Seriously, WTF? Are we letting any insane crap get mainstreamed these days? Will EdWeek be interviewing the crazy cat lady down the street next?


calugg said...

I suspect Ed Week is racing to the bottom these days. Like other newspapers, they're not getting the traction they once did, and a fair number of bloggers (School Finance 101, Jersey Jazzman, Sherman Dorn, Larry Cuban, etc.) offer much better analyses.

So, let's have a SPECTACLE, a CIRCUS ACT---NOTHING is too inane, insane or brain dead if sells the newspaper.


Duke said...

Amen. And there's no spectacle these days quite as enticing to certain readers than some good old fashioned sexism. With a little taste of homophobia throw in to give it some spice.

I am convinced this is why Christie went after the teachers first. There are many more women in the profession - it's dog whistle politics to tear down those uppity gals.