I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Started This War?

Who do you think?

Here in Jersey, our governor spends taxpayer money to set up photo-ops so he can call for the resignation of union officials who make admittedly dumb but off-handed and meaningless remarks.

No, really - he does:

Because we all know the biggest problem facing American education today is union officials driving around in cars that are way too big. Nice work focusing on the big issues, Chris.

Here's the NJEA's Steve Wollmer in response:

Nicely said, and good on him for taking the high road. But just in case you're curious about Mary Pat Christie's salary...

Oh, my.


Deciminyan said...

Wollmer did a great job in setting the record straight. And, oh by the way, Mrs. Christie's half million dollar salary is for part time work in the Wall Street greed industry.

Duke said...

Oh, dear, did you mention that? Gosh, hope that's not out of the bounds of civil discourse... ;-)

Everyone, check out D's blog - always worth a read!

Anonymous said...

Christie will never pass up an opportunity to cast the NJEA in a bad light and to portray the union as the BIG SATAN in NJ. This is the mark of a true demagogue and dishonest sleaze bucket; all this coming from the former US Attorney for NJ, the big crime fighter. CC must have a dedicated team that spends 24/7 waiting for Giordano or Keshishian to forget to dot their i's or cross their t's. Christie is also trying to create a wedge between the NJEA officials and NJEA members by drawing attention to their salaries and perks. His loyal lap dogs on NJ 101.5 are constantly bashing the NJEA, especially that anti-union propagandist, Jim Gearhart. He's been waging a decades long war against the NJEA, teacher pay and benefits, especially their pensions.

Teacher Mom said...

Great interview. Thanks for posting. I knew exactly what he meant when he said "Life isn't fair." I understood that he meant we need to take steps to make it more fair, not less with charters and vouchers.