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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charter School Coupons - No, Really...

Is your tax money paying for this?

A charter school advertising itself in a coupon mailer. And, since I'd argue the revenues flowing to the school are fungible, it's being paid for with your tax dollars.

The corporate reformers keep telling us that competition is good. Well, this is how businesses compete: they advertise. And every dollar they spend is a dollar that could have gone into the classroom.

Everyone OK with this? Everyone still think this is "all about the kids"?

ADDING: Darcie, as usual, was on this long before I was.


Tom Hoffman said...

Here they're underwriting RI NPR.

Duke said...

Seriously?! Gotta look that up - thx for tip.

cindy said...

They are using the full time church staff payroll to help pay for the cost of things related to the charter school that "will carry" the church "when the mortgage comes though and we get the charter school" So they are using non-taxed church funds to pay for the charter school (can I hear tax fraud from anyone) to than reimburse and pay full time Solid Rock Worship Center Staff. Or that is at least what Amir told his Congregation how he was doing it while he had him self video taped!

Duke said...

Absolutely correct, Cindy: the charter is funding the church's mortgage. How many other churches are working this deal?