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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reformy Cory

Newark's mayor is one reformy dude:
Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker said Monday that he backs Gov. Chris Christie’s education reform measures — including school choice and teacher tenure changes — but he is critical of the new plan for higher education.
In addition, Booker said he favors more educational choices for children, including charter schools, public schools run by nonprofits and school vouchers. But he said he was not giving up on traditional public schools, either.
“I hold no allegiance to a school delivery model,” Booker said. “I really don’t care if you’re a charter school, a magnet school, a traditional district school. The question is: Are you providing quality education?”
But bad schools must close, and that includes charter schools, he added. Booker said two to four charter schools in Newark should close, though he declined to name which ones he had in mind.
“The biggest mistake in the charter schools movement is … defending bad charter schools,” Booker said. “They are not closing quick enough in the state of New Jersey. Many have had years to show if they can make progress, and they’re just not (doing that).”
Cory, the biggest problem isn't that were not closing bad charters fast enough - it's that these schools ever opened in the first place!

But if you're so damn gung-ho, and if it's so important to the kids, why don't you man up and say which of these schools should close? Put yourself on the line for once in your life: in your expert opinion, who do you think needs to go?

And what are you going to do with the kids who "chose" to go to these schools? Throw them into more charters they "chose," and then close those down in a few years when they don't perform? Or hadn't you thought that through yet?

Lord save us from celebrity education "reformers"...

"Look under your seats - you all get to run your own charter school!"

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