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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Moments In Total Cluelessness

Is it possible to be more obtuse?
Backers of the new approaches say that change takes time. “You have to start the process somewhere,” said Daniel Weisberg, executive vice president and general counsel at The New Teacher Project, a nonprofit agency founded in 1997. “If you don’t solve the problem of teacher quality, you will continue to have an achievement gap.” [emphasis mine]
But, according to the New Teacher Project, the difference between Chatham and Newark, or between Scarsdale and the South Bronx, or between Beverly Hills and South Central, is "teacher quality." If teachers in poor areas would just step it up and overcome all the obstacles teachers in affulent areas don't have, everything would be fine.

Seriously: why is a guy this clueless given a platform to say anything about... anything?

ADDING: These clowns are using your tax dollars to fund their stupidity. Everyone OK with that?


jerseygal said...

Disgusting...keep on bringing these facts up so MORE people can be alerted! Post these in your Teacher's Rooms, on your blogs, send them everyWHERE! Thanks for telling me!

Teacher Mom said...