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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why the Dems Are In Trouble

Have a look at this diary over at Blue Jersey by the Democratic House candidate for NJ's 2nd District, Gary Stein:
I've been  a broken record for two years about amnesty and illegal immigration, and just recently suggested to no-one in particular (I'm running a campaign, but it's like talking to the walls) that it would be poetic justice if  half a million illegal-single- Mexican men made plans to gather in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa county, next Cinco de Mayo, with the intent (threat) of crossing back into Mexico.  That potential humanitarian disaster would scare both sides silly in this endless immigration debate, here in the U.S. 
Uh, wha, huh?

Here's Stein's website. It looks like a bad MySpace page (OK, they were all bad).

This is a Democratic candidate for NATIONAL office. Apparently, both the state party and the national party have no problem with this.

Think of all the money the Republican incumbent, Frank LoBiondo, will save this election cycle - money that will now be used by Republicans to finance competitive races.

Are the Democrats ever going to get serious?

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