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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bret Schundler: "Able-Bodied" Gov't. Assistance Recipient

So Bret Schundler asked to be fired so he could collect unemployment. How did he feel previously about folks who go on the dole?
Welfare Reform: Mayor Schundler believes that society has an obligation to provide a social safety-net for the poor, but he also believes that able-bodied individuals who receive government assistance should be required to work.
He went even further when interviewed by recovering drug addict Rush Limbaugh:
Other Republicans have always cared about the problems in the cities. But some have advised that we should just stop doing what the Democrats have been doing. 
Which may not be a bad recommendation when it comes to the welfare programs that breed dependence. Simply stopping those programs might be a good thing. But it's important to have a positive alternative.
Like welfare-to-work. Someone get the man an orange vest; there's some nasty trash piling up on I-78.

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