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Monday, August 16, 2010

More on LA Times "Value-Added" Teacher Assessment

Bruce Baker takes a look at the methods behind this madness:
One important effect, which I’ve blogged about previously, is that the value-added teacher ratings could be substantially biased by the non-random sorting of students – or in more human terms – teachers of children having characteristics not addressed by the models could be unfairly penalized, or for that matter, unfairly benefited.
But that's not stopping the Times from publishing who is a "bad" teacher. Further:
By contrast, Buddin finds that having an Asian teacher is much, much better for MATH. In fact, Asian teachers are as much better (than white teachers) for math as black teachers are worse! Parents – go find yourself an Asian math teacher in LA? Also, having more Asian students in your class is associated with higher teacher ratings for Math. That is, you’re a better math teacher if you’ve got more Asian students, and you’re a really good math teacher if you’re Asian and have more Asian students?????
Again, what a nightmare for the principals of the LAUSD. The phones are going to be ringing off the hook with parents who will be demanding their kids be moved immediately to a teacher with high "value."

Thanks, LA Times.

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