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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NJ's 7th District - This is Representin'?

NJ-7, your congressman, Leonard Lance, has some interesting ideas about what it means to represent you:
U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Hunterdon County) voted against a bill Tuesday which could provide up to $268 million in funds to New Jersey to hire new teachers, citing the funding mechanisms in the legislation.... 
Lance, a former state senate minority leader and expert on state finances, has long opposed what he sees as one shot financing mechanisms.
"These federal bailouts exacerbate state and local funding problems by spurring drastic budget shortfalls once the federal funds run out and enabling states to avoid the tough budgetary choices necessary to live within their financial means," he said in a statement. 
In fairness, the food stamp cuts are despicable. But this "tough choices" rhetoric is just as bad.

We're in a recession, Len. The schools in your district got socked especially hard; many got NOTHING from the state for this year. You didn't want to get some money? You like the programs cuts and the sky-high raises in property taxes?

I, among many, will remember this in November.


Anonymous said...

did you know that NJ-7 would receive funding to hire 56 teachers TOTAL?

that's one teacher for every municipality in NJ-7. ONE teacher.

Couple that with the deep cuts in food stamp funding and you get a bad bill and Lance was correct to oppose the bill.

Duke said...

My response is above: