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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Hunt Break

Taking a break here for egg hunting-related activities. One thought to leave you with:

Over and over, I've heard and read this argument:

"Why should teachers get better health care at a cheaper price than everyone else?"

It's a good question. But if you want good health care coverage, should you:

a) Demand that people who have good coverage give it up to get coverage as bad and expensive as yours, or;

b) Demand that your coverage be as good as the people who have good coverage?

We have set our sights so low in this country that we believe there is something wrong with a group of middle-class employees getting good health care; they are being pampered somehow.

Why not, instead, demand the same quality and cost of health care that teachers get for everyone? We have the money to do it. Every other industrialized nation does it, at less than half the cost of our system per capita.

Is it better to take away teachers' coverage, or get everybody the coverage just as good? Just asking.

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