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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, No, No...

Oh, no, no, no...
In September of 2010, Seth Walsh hanged himself after experiencing severe and persistent gender and sexual orientation-based bullying in his Tehachapi public school (Jacobson Middle School). Both the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Education investigated. As their fact-finding report noted:
…the harassment the Student was experiencing became unbearable for him beginning in seventh grade. As described by the Student’s friends and classmates, throughout his attendance at the School, but particularly in seventh grade, his peers routinely called him hostile and demeaning names related to his nonconformity with gender stereotypes and sexual orientation, including “sissy,” “girl,” and vulgar references to female anatomy; insults meant to question his masculinity, including mocking his clothing as “girly,” asking him, “do you sit down” to use the
restroom, suggesting he should “get surgery” to become a female, and referring to him as the “girlfriend” of other male students; and anti-gay slurs and epithets.
This cannot be allowed to continue. Kids are dying. It's got to stop. Teachers, administrators, parents - we can't allow this.

Stop it. Now.

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