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Saturday, July 30, 2011

At SOSMarch! Wrapping Up

Well, the sun is just brutal, and that was a fairly long walk, so it looks like this is breaking up. Supposed to be some music, but I've gotta eat.

Really great event. I hope the coverage captures the positive spirit. I didn't hear one person talk about teacher pay, benefits, or collective bargaining; it was all really about overemphasis on testing, inequity, and respect.

That's really the issue more than anything else - a lack of respect for the profession, the field, the students, the parents, and the teachers. I don't for a second believe the event changed any corporate reformer's mind, but I do think it is very, very helpful to know that there are lots of other teachers, parents, and education supporters who hold the same views.

We've been, to a very large extent, shut out of this conversation. That can't continue, and events like this are important to making that happen.

OK, there's gotta be a place to eat around here. Safe trip back, everyone. See you on the blog.

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