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Friday, July 1, 2011

NJEA Needs To Support Its Teacher-Politicians

Marie Corfield, the teacher who stood up to a bullying Chris Christie and became a YouTube star, is running for the State Assembly. I've put a link to her "$20 From Teachers" campaign on the sidebar; every teacher who reads this blog, whether or not you're from NJ, should visit the link and consider donating to this courageous woman.

NJEA has not, in my opinion, had a very good record with political donations and endorsements lately. There is the latest fiasco with all of the money they've given to the Christiecats, who then stabbed teachers in the back with the odious benefits "reform" bill.

But there is another unfortunate bit of history I harped on several times in the early days of this blog. Ed Potosnak is a teacher and NJEA member. He ran against the "moderate" Leonard Lance for Congress in NJ-7. Lance, like every other "moderate" in the Republican party, is increasingly cozy with the Tea Party faction. But NJEA did not endorse him - why, I still have no idea.

NJEA endorsed Corfield in the primary, so I assume they will again in the general - but you never know. And they need to endorse Potosnak as he runs again in 2012 in a rematch with Lance. I'm putting up a link to his site as well on the left.

We need more teachers out in the political arena: more teacher politicians, more teacher bloggers, more teacher wonks. Show Marie and Ed some love, and let me know about other teacher candidates we can support, no matter the office.

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