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Sunday, July 10, 2011

For My Birthday: George Carlin!

There was an edited clip of George's rant here that was a little... cleaner... than this one. But it looks like it's gone, so I'm putting this one up instead.

I'm hardly a prude, but I've tried to keep the blog clean just to cast as wide a net as possible. So, if you're offended - sorry. But not really. Because George breaks it down in a way that every American needs to hear. He not only understood the forces in play; he knew how to explain it in a way that was simply undeniable.

Today, I'm celebrating another 40-something birthday. I am a very blessed guy, but I am really starting to fear for my country. We are in a very dark time, and we are here by choice - that's disturbing. It does not have to be this way. We can change things. But we'd better start by being completely honest with ourselves.

No one was more honest about who we are than George Carlin. So, for my birthday, let's unwrap some truth. I know this is ridiculous to say to a confirmed atheist, but God bless you, George, wherever you are...

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