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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hacker Murdoch LOVES Jersey Schools!

As we continue to watch the sick, twisted saga of the Murdoch empire's debauchery, let's take a moment to remember the special place Rupert has in New Jersey's educational system:

Of course, we're all supposed to feel wonderful about Murdoch bringing in Joel Klein to oversee the phone hacking mess. But, as Leonie Haimson - who's really in a position to know, having monitored the guy for years - points out:
Murdoch putting Klein in charge of ethics investigation is like hiring Mike Tyson as marriage counselor.  
Guess who vouches for him?  Chris Cerf; who fell into his own ethics mess only to be exempted from charges by Klein. 
He’s been in the cauldron for a good stretch of his career, so it’s more than an abstract issue for him,” said Mr. Cerf, who is now acting commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education. “It’s something he knows a great deal about in a personal way.”
Cauldron is the right word, indeed.  As Chancellor, Klein’s favorite statement to people who pointed out his own legal violations?  Sue me.  And they did; and he lost repeatedly in court. 
They all belong in the cauldron together: Klein, Cerf and Murdoch!  With a big raging fire  underneath.
It really is a seedy, incestuous little world they've built for themselves, isn't it?

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