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Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Michelle's Miracles

The World's Greatest Woman is so wonderful she can increase student learning just through her magical aura!
Consider, for example, that roughly 70 percent of the DC-CAS “gains” in math and reading proficiency during Rhee’s three-year tenure occurred in the first year. Assuming for a moment that these increases reflect actual progress among DCPS students, we all know that her primary policy reforms – the IMPACT evaluation system and the newWashington Teachers Union contract – went into effect in 2010, her third year. 
Can somebody please explain to me how Michelle Rhee (or anyone else) could possibly have anything beyond marginal effects on test performance a few months after they arrived? Did her very presence increase scores?
Of course it did! She's a saint! By definition, she works miracles, even defying the laws of time and space!

Matthew DiCarlo obviously is not putting the children first by asking such impolite questions...

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