I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. - Chris Christie, "An Open Letter to the Teachers of NJ" October, 2009

Friday, March 11, 2011

Christie's Tweeter Just Got Pwned!

So I'm checking out Chris Chrstie's Twitter account, and I see this:

 Governor Christie 
@ will do Senator Paul

Hmm, what's that about? So I click on the link (try it yourself), and I read this:
I think teachers save more lives every year than doctors. I think teachers protect more people's rights every day than most lawyers will in their careers. I don't think that there is anything society does which is more important than moving our next generation forward. So, to me, teachers deserve to be among the best paid professionals in a society.

They also need to be among the best trained, with ongoing in-service training as a part of every schedule, just as it is for doctors.  
What's well paid? Well, Republicans and right-wing Democrats claim that$250,000 per year in salary is "just middle class" and that group cannot pay more taxes. So, if that's true, $250,000 seems a fair annual salary for a veteran teacher (in New Jersey, according to Governor Chris Christie, this figure is $400,000).
Chris Christie is linking to this? Approvingly?

Later in the post:

Chris Christie, home above,
thinks you are overpaid
Whoa! Did he get hacked? Or did his state-paid tweeter make a wee mistake? In any case, the post makes a great point: if $250K is too "middle-class" to pay more in taxes, why are we talking about cutting pay for teachers who make a median $59K?

To see what brought this on, I clicked through to Rand Paul's tweets to see what Christie was responding to. It's obviously a parody site, although Paul is so crazy, I will admit it took me a few seconds to realize this is all a joke:
 Dr. Rand Paul 
Cool breeze. Koch servants. Mai tai. I am a US Senator bitches.
 Dr. Rand Paul 
I'm seriously over the tsunami. My toilet is broke people.
 Dr. Rand Paul 
Making lots of new friends at the signing Mississippi. Everyone with CCC is so nice its hard to imagine any racial strife.
 Dr. Rand Paul 
Yes. My budget cut tsunami research. And I'm damn proud of it. Rand Paul
So it looks like Christie's tweeter got pwned. Your tax dollars at work. Next time, try reading before you post.

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