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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blatant Politicking on Your Dime

Now we're talking:
TRENTON — A Democratic Assemblyman called on Gov. Chris Christie today to reimburse taxpayers for infusing partisan politics into his town hall meetings.
Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-Gloucester) said the events are taxpayer-funded.
“If the governor sticks to public policy, that’s fine, but if the governor wants to campaign he must dip into his own wallet," Moriarty said. "He should not be wasting taxpayer dollars on his own political rallies.”
Christie usually hosts town hall meetings about once a week, traveling to towns and taking questions from constituents. At a town hall meeting on Tuesday in Woodbridge, Christie said he needs a Republican legislature to enact reform.
The governor called Moriarty's press release "ridiculous" at a press conference today.
A spokesman said Christie does talk about public policy at his town hall meetings, and fields questions about how he will implement reform.
Really? Like this?

Mocking Marie Corfield is public policy? Or maybe like this?

"Punching" the NJEA is public policy? Or how about this?

Telling a teacher she should quit is public policy?

EVERYTHING this guy does is political. I'm sick of paying for him to run around the state bad mouthing me and my colleagues on OUR dime.

Get your masters at Reform NJ Now to pick up the tab, guv; they're the ones making all the money off your tax gifts anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing how many of his recent 'town hall meetings' have been held early in the day...when the majority of tax paying middle class people are working. The majority of people sitting in that crowd showed up for free snacks.