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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Right-Wing Bastards", the NEA, and Health Insurance CEOs

Perennial meathead and wacky 101.5 DJ Jim Gearhart posted this clip on his website. I assume he means to impugn the NEA with it. That's funny, because, as far as I'm concerned, Bob Chanin hits it out of the park.

Before referring to this clip, Jim was laughing this morning at the thought of teachers losing 12%-20% of their take home pay.

By the way, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a sponsor of NJ 101.5's business reports in the morning during Gearhart's show. They also administer the State Employees Health Benefits Program. The outgoing CEO, William J. Marino, made $8.7 million last year. Some NJ towns are anticipating cost increases of 12% or more this year on health insurance for their employees. This after huge increases the year before.

But Jim never says boo about this; he's too busy insisting teachers need to pay more to Horizon for their outrageously expensive health care.

Gosh, I wonder why...


Kristina said...

Asbury Park Press reported that William Morino got a 60% raise as did several top exec's at BCBS at a time that they laid off 1000's of workers.

A husband of one of these workers posted on facebook. That the top exec's laughed about how they over charged the state and while they gave themselves these raises.

The husband is very 101.5 oriented and loathes unions...why don't people get it. We need more of them not less. BCBS employees needed a union.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know that the year Mr. Marino got his big bonus, the premiums on the health insurance plan our district has increased by 25%.

We aren't following the money enough.

How is it that our Governor can insist we kick in more, and want concessions that open up educator's contracts for re-negotiation, but doesn't think about re-negotiating with the largest health insurance contract in the state for more cost effective benefits?

Duke said...

Krstina, I would LOVE to see that Facebook page; how do I find it?

Duke said...

Anon, he knows where his bread is buttered.