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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still Running Against Corzine

Sorry, Jon, but - even though you lost - the campaign continues:
TRENTON — Democrats and Republicans Monday blamed each other for New Jersey’s failure to get $14 million in federal charter school funding.
The state applied for $14 million through a competitive process to be used over three years to fund the start-up costs of new charter schools.
When the federal Department of Education denied the state’s application in August, it cited a lack of oversight to measure how successful current charter schools are. 
Since the state received money from the same program four times before, Diegnan said it must have been a problem with the way the administration filled out the application. New Jersey received $6.2 million in 2006, the last round of federal funding.
"And what happened in the four intervening years?" Drewniak responded in an e-mail. "Governor Corzine sucked up to the NJEA, which holds a death grip on the education status quo and opposes expansion of charter schools at all costs."
Yes, how dare the NJEA demand that schools that use public money be held to the same oversight standards as all other public schools!

Again: I seem to remember a time not long ago when conservatives were very, very disappointed in how Barack Obama supposedly couldn't get past blaming George W Bush for all of his problems...

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