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Friday, November 12, 2010

Looking For A Few Good Men

More Y chromo needed in our schools:
Male teachers made up just 24 percent of all certified teachers working in New Jersey public schools in 2009-10, state Department of Education statistics show. That percentage has remained constant during the past decade even as the number of teachers has increased. In 1999-2000, 23,750 men were among the state’s 94,415 teachers. Last year, men made up 27,063 of 114,705 teachers working in public schools.
Bryan Nelson hopes that trend is shifting a bit. The founder of MenTeach said there was a slight increase in male teachers nationally last year, likely related to the recession and a shortage of other jobs. He said the last increases in male teachers were in 1929 during the Great Depression and in 1944, when the G.I. Bill gave more men the opportunity to attend college.
He said men face three major roadblocks to becoming teachers: the stereotyping of teaching as a feminine profession, especially in lower grades; a fear of pedophiles preying on children; and the relatively low status and pay.
“It’s just still considered a more feminine culture, and that takes a long time to change,” Nelson said.
Hey, I know how to solve this problem: let's cut teacher pay and benefits, demean the profession, chastise the teacher's union, and gut the pension! That will bring LOTS of men in!
For the male teachers interviewed, teaching is a calling. Some gave up more lucrative jobs in private industry to become teachers.
“You have to go into it accepting that you’ll never make a six-digit salary, unless you go into administration,” said Jerome Taylor, who has taught for 15 years. “It’s frustrating to me to see male teachers working two jobs to support a family.”
But, but, but... GOLD-PLATED BENEFITS!

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