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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NYC Schools Chancellor Gilda the Cat

Professor Lugg visits the comments and leaves us this gem:
Quite simply: If Cathie Black is qualified to run the NYC public schools, then my cat Gilda is as well. Let’s make the comparisons: Neither Gilda or Ms. Black have spent more than a fleeting moment in a school–much less worked in a public school or public school district. Neither has taken any of the licensure examinations that are expected for NYS leaders of public schools. Similarly, neither has taken the advanced graduate study to lead a public school district.

I’m being unduly harsh, as only a graduate of the Roseanne Barr School of Charm can be, but this is the last in a series of dubious appointments by various NYC mayors. Why do some pols believe that educational leaders don’t have to know a damn thing about the core technologies of public schools: Learning and Teaching.

At least Gilda has the good sense to flee when she knows she’s completely “out of field.” I’m not as hopeful for Ms. Black.
 Giuliani cleaned up the fish market years ago, so payment shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure to visit Gilda's mistress's blog. (Is "mistress" the correct term?)

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calugg said...


Thanks for the shout out.

BTW: It's even worse than I could imagine. Today, the NY Times ran a profile on Ms. Black. I fear that Gilda is now more competent than Ms. Black.

Ms. Black will command, but she won't lead....a fatal flaw for a public school administrator.

I'm betting she'll last two years and then step down to "spend more time with my family."