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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Frontiers in Incoherence

Chris Christie says we have to pay managers of large public projects well:
Gov. Chris Christie yesterday defended the high pay of executives at the Schools Development Authority (SDA) at a time when it has suspended much of it construction. He said the agency is going through a reorganization that would lead to a leaner more efficient outfit.
Nearly 50 out of 308 employees are paid $100,000 or more, with the average salary coming in at $74,000. The list is topped by chief executive officer Marc Larkins, a former assistant federal prosecutor under Christie, at a salary of $195,000. 
“I’ve asked Marc to take a look from top to bottom at that place,” he said. “We have to take a look in the end at what are the bottom line numbers in what they are spending in salaries." 
“You want to pay well to manage these projects that run in the tens of millions of dollars,” he said. “But also we have to get the overall census, and that is what Marc will do. People shouldn’t prejudge his plan.”
A poster at this article for NJ Spotlight puts it very well:
You want to pay well to manage these projects that run in the tens of millions of dollars,” he said.

Newark schools: $940,181,924
Jersey City schools: $618,836,174
Camden schools: $337,011,700
Hoboken schools: $57,882,147

Mendham Township schools: $16,356,226
Chester schools: $22,212,631
Parsippany schools: $126,825,843

These "projects" are run every year - and they should be of the highest priority. What is he willing to pay to run these "projects"?

Posted by ACClark on November 4 at 12:17 PM

He's already said what he's willing to pay:
Q: How will it work?
A: The salaries will be limited by the size of the district or districts served:
  • 1-250 students: $120,000 maximum
  • 251-750 students: $135,000
  • 751-1,500 students: $150,000
  • 1,501-3,000 students: $165,000
  • 3,001-10,000 students: $175,000
  • Over 10,000 students (16 districts): “Subject to separate rules developed by the Department of Education.”
Gee, you'd think Christie had a problem with people who work in schools or something...

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thinker said...

Really, I don't know what Duke and ACClark are talking about. I mean, who cares about what those at the SDA authority are making? Don't you know the real problem in NJ is the schools, the teachers and especially the NJEA? Where have you been? Don't worry your little heads about the fact that what we pay one person at the SDA could pay for 2 to 3 (or more) classroom teachers. I know it looks like it doesn't make sense, but that is just because you, the average citizen, are not sophisticated enough to understand this. Just sit back and let Christie take care of everything. Christie knows best, Christie knows best, Christie knows best.

Some people (Christie and his friend) just deserve to be paid more and some people (teachers, police, firefighters, etc.) just deserve to be paid less. For example, Christie's friend Marc, who he worked with in the U.S. Attorney's office, clearly deserves every penny of his SDA salary. Larkin's past positions in the U.S. Attorneys office, as well as his career as a trial attorney, clearly show that he is qualified to head up the SDA. I just can't see how anyone would even question this. Silly peasants!