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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Incoherence of Rochelle Hendricks

She really is the perfect education shill for Christie. For example:
Consistently, the New Jersey Education Association has shown it is unwilling to accept reforms that put results for our children first and use them as part of our metrics for evaluating teacher performance.
But then:
After the meeting, Hendricks said the data has been difficult to assess so far, but the department is working on it.
“The data we got back just wasn’t clean,” she said. “Are we talking about the same kinds of schools and students? I want the kind of data that you can share and makes sense.”
But Hendricks maintained that charter schools as a whole do perform well, and it is not just about test scores.
By achievement measures, “I think they do better or as well as district schools,” she said. “But you also have families where they feel charter is safer, where they feel more engaged, they feel they can facilitate change in what’s going on.”
So, it's OK to use failed methods of analyzing data to evaluate teachers, but it's not OK to use "dirty" data to evaluate charter schools.

Because it's not just about test scores. Except it is. Or something. It's confusing...


Mrs. Droz said...

Perhaps she should study Michelle Rhee's techniques a little better?


thinker said...

My apologies in advance; I usually try to respond in a thoughtful manner. I would respond to this obvious inconsistency from the current administration, but I believe my head just exploded. There's only so much ridiculousness a person can take in one day, and apparently, I have reached my limit for today.