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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Ministry of Truth

How delusional is the Christie administration? How many blatant lies do they think they can get away with?

Politicker NJ talks to an anonymous source in the Christie administration, who rewrites the past to make his boss look good:

Schundler's first teeth-grating gaffe for Christie was when he told parents in early March that they should expect school aid cuts less than 20% when, in fact, many suburban schools ended up getting nailed with 100% cuts.
"He's playing in traffic," Christie told inner circle allies, referring to Schundler.
Oh, that was Schundler's fault? Because the newspapers remember it differently:
With school districts still reeling from the midyear budget cuts he announced last week, Gov. Chris Christie said today he has asked districts to prepare for a 15 percent reduction in state aid in the budget he will propose next month. If enacted, it would be the largest-ever cut in state aid to schools, officials said....Christie and Acting Education Commissioner Bret Schundler said at a meeting with school officials in Union County that their goal is to keep K-12 education aid flat in the upcoming budget, which Christie will propose March 16 and must be signed into law by July 1. But they said, with an $11 billion deficit looming, they wanted to give advance warning so school officials would not be caught off guard if steep cuts are necessary.
NJ Spotlight remembers it differently as well:
In a hastily arranged roundtable in a Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, middle school, Christie said state aid reductions could extend into next year, too, hinting at as much as a 15 percent cut.
“We’re broke, and there’s no other way to put it,” he told the small gathering in the school’s library.
Here's some photographic proof that Christie and Schundler were at the same meeting that day:

The notion that Schundler went rogue in telling people they were only going to cut 15% is completely wrong (the school in question, Berkeley Heights, lost 100% of its aid, as did many, many others). Do they think we don't have Google?

These guys are going to blatantly change history whenever it makes the boss look good.

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