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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cutting More Taxes for the Wealthy in NJ

It's what they do:
Gov. Chris Christie on Monday said he intends to cut state income taxes within two years in an effort to stimulate the economy.
The governor said a lower tax rate would bolster New Jersey's ability to compete with neighboring states, including Pennsylvania, which has a top margin of 3 percent compared with New Jersey's 9 percent, Bloomberg News reports.
"We've got to do that,'' Christie told Bloomberg News. "You can't be competitive when your top marginal rate is three times your neighbor.''
Forget that PA has LOCAL income tax. Forget a marginal rate is not the same as a REAL rate, and the top rates only affect the rich.

Even then - Christie constantly complains about how high the PROPERTY Tax is here in NJ. So his solution is to cut income taxes. Because we must always - ALWAYS - put the middle class homeowner behind the wealthy, and the property tax hits the middle class much harder than the wealthy. Cutting the only PROGRESSIVE tax in the state is a gift for the rich.
"There are going to be some worthwhile programs that are cut,'' the governor told Bloomberg.
Will that include the Homestead Rebate? That got gutted right away, making our regressive taxes even more so. How about the Senior Freeze?

It's amazing how blatantly he is doing this; then again, why not when the press lets you get away with it?

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