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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Elect a Teacher in NJ-7!

I'm liking this Potosnak fellow:
When we first met Ed Potosnak last winter he really wanted to talk about how important education is in terms of keeping America a healthy and vibrant society. And, half a year of campaigning later, it's still what he seems to have the most passion for. And that makes sense: he's a chemistry teacher. Ed teaches high school science in his native New Jersey and he's challenging right-wing banking shill Leonard Lance in that state's 7th congressional district. Following Boehner's lead, Lance referred to New Jersey teachers as "negligible." That didn't sit well with candidate Potosnak-- nor with dedicated teacher Potosnak. And today he launched a new section on his website with videos of constituents reacting to Lance's shameful perspective.
And I love this:
Apparently Lance doesn't value the good job teachers have been doing in New Jersey for students. "New Jersey public schools," Ed told us, "are among the best in the nation in terms of the number of children enrolled in pre-school, 8th grade writing skills, advanced placement scores, high school graduation rates, and college preparedness... Students and parents in the other 49 states should be so lucky to have such 'negligible' educators. Once again, a Republican thinks nothing of disrespecting people who work hard in our communities."
We need more teachers running for office, working as journalists, and generally influencing opinion. So let's go Ed in NJ's 7th District!

Too bad the NJEA doesn't think the same way, and refuses to endorse Potosnak. I don't care how "moderate" Lance is, this is just beyond stupid. You shouldn't let anyone get away with bad-mouthing you, and - barring extremists - you should always have the back of one of your own.

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