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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What The Kids Are Listening To:

No, I am not kidding; look at the hit count on YouTube:

One of the reasons I love teaching is that it keeps you young. I know way before my friends do what their kids are checking out.

The flip side to that is, every once in a while, the students put something into my brain that will not leave, no matter how hard I try...

Hey.... sexy lady!


Commuting Teacher said...

I try very hard to keep up on these things. lol Nothing is more fun than one-upping the kids when you surprise them with your pop knowledge! And yes, I actually watched this all the way through earlier today. Of course, at my age, I think that this would be a great aerobic thing to do!

czarejs said...

Here's one I just saw that they like

giuseppe said...

That South Korean video is wild, wooly and almost hypnotic not to mention very funny, a laugh riot a minute. It also shows South Korea to be a very hip, technologically advanced but a tad misogynistic (however, not much worse than the US) society. South Korea is one of five countries (Finland, Japan, Sweden and France) which has much faster, more ubiquitous and cheaper Internet service than the US. Virtually all South Koreans are plugged in to a super fast Internet at a cheaper price. And just a few miles to the north is the black hole of misery, repression, starvation, suffering and human rights violations beyond human comprehension.....namely, the evil empire of North Korea.

bhurrel said...

Thanks for three upcoming days of not being able to get "Oppan Gangnam Style!" out of my head.