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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Many Faces of Cory Booker

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Cory Booker on vouchers:
As for vouchers, which give people tax money to spend in private schools, Booker said he “doesn’t care” if districts are upset.
“I don’t think vouchers are the solution, but how can I tell a parent that they have to stay in a failing system,” he said. “These kids are locked in a prison. Am I supposed to tell a parent, ‘You just wait until we get this figured out?’”
 Newark Mayor Cory Booker on vouchers:
But Green built the momentum up to the main event: the mayor from Newark, who was the only New Jersey Democrat allowed on a national stage at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. 
“They’re trying to voucherize our healthcare and privatize our Social Security,” said a riled up Booker. “Their politics have become about politics, not about purpose and not about passion. …I’m proud to be a Democrat because it’s what we stand for.
So, Supermayor likes vouchers... but only some vouchers.

The future of the Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. Swell...

Intellectual consistency is my kryptonite! 

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Commuting Teacher said...

Hey Booker, how about you get serious about ed reform and make those schools like the most sought after private schools? Make them like schools the Christie's kids go to, the schools that Rahm Emanuel's kids go to, that have the arts, that have extracurricular activities, that have all the resources they need AND small class sizes, but no test mania. Yes, Booker, make Newark like that instead of this profit driven hypocrisy you help foist upon the poor and voiceless. I'm an angry urban teacher and what YOU want for other people's children you would NEVER have for your own. Until the political and business elite begin putting their kids in huge classes, virtual schools and test heavy classes, then I'll treat it with the same disdain that they do. READ the research, Booker, what you are doing is wrong and you know it.