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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Reformy; So Stupid

This post is so stupid on so many levels that I was going to ignore it. But it's so perfectly... reformy. I just can't resist.
The fact is that female teachers nowadays are not as smart as they used to be. And the fact is that’s why students nowadays are not learning as much as they need to learn in order to succeed.
Trust us - it's a "fact"! Except when it isn't and when it isn't.
This trend is especially meaningful due to the Chicago Teachers Union strike this week. One major issue is union resistance to teacher evaluations and tenure based in part on student achievement. The union opposes this. The research shows why they’re right to be afraid, very afraid.
Because it's so ridden with error, it's the same as rolling dice! Who wouldn't be afraid?
It’s not about the money. Frederick M. Hess wrote at the Hoover Institution that teachers make more money per hour than architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, statisticians, biological and life scientists, atmospheric and space scientists, registered nurses, physical therapists and others.
Too bad the place where he got the data said that using hourly wages to compare teachers to other professions is completely misleading, because teachers work far more than just their contract hours.

But the real issue isn't money: it's that being in a union is demeaning to teachers, which is why smart people won't join. No, I'm not kidding - that's really the argument here:
Teacher unionistas in Wisconsin demonstrated 24/7 in Madison, the Wisconsin state capital, last year, banging on bongo drums, spouting obscenities day and night, and threatening legislators. In the process, they caused  millions of dollars in damages to the capital building and in costs for increased law enforcement.
If "unionistas" would just stops banging their [OBSCENITY DELETED] bongos, plenty of way smarter people would be lining up for their five-figure jobs!

I can't continue; it's exhausting. What kind of person argues like this?
My parents “allowed” me to go to college only if I agreed to teach. Lured into a journalism career instead, I broke the news to the folks. The next day, they called the shrinks in the guidance center at my college, saying I had lost my mind because I didn’t want to teach and demanding that I be committed to a psychiatric institution on an emergency basis. I am not making this up.
 No comment.

Heartland Institute Staff.

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pyratejenny said...

I can't believe a woman would even say that about other women. Sadly, I expect it from the male variety of reformyists, but that is a new low, even for a lawyer.