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Monday, August 27, 2012

What Is Going On at CNN?

This is just crazy: CNN does a hit interview on Diane Ravitch, and then appears to delete comments from critical viewers.
As readers of this blog know, CNN posted Randi Kaye’s August 18 interview with me a week after it aired.
I heard there were about 35 comments, and they were suddenly deleted.
People started posting comments again, possibly 20 or so, and then they too were deleted.
People went back for a third round and posted the following comments.
A reader (Teresa H from Oregon) copied the entire batch of them, on the off chance that they might also disappear.  (I copied and added the last three.)
Isn’t this ridiculous?
Why is the web editor at CNN deleting your comments?
Look at the comments: over and over, people claim their previous comments were deleted. Does CNN have a limit on comments, where they expire after a day or two? If so, I can't think of another news site that runs like that.

Or do they just delete things that are critical of their anchors?

Doug Criss is a web editor for CNN; his Twitter handle is @ATLnewsman.

Meredith Artley is Vice President and Managing Editor of CNN Digital; her Twitter handle is @MeredithA.

Perhaps you would like to share with them - politely, of course - how you feel about their commenting policy.

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