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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Someone Tell Rhee America Doesn't Suck!

Jon Stewart points out that Americans are kicking ass in both the Olympics and in space exploration.

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Gosh, this doesn't sound right. I mean, Michelle Rhee told us in her obnoxious, denigrating, and borderline homophobic ad that America sucks so badly at math and science. Yet here we are, landing rovers on Mars before any other country.

Maybe she's wrong. Maybe America is a science and technology powerhouse. Maybe those stupid international comparisons don't take poverty into account. Maybe Rhee should be focused on that instead of making fun of our students and our scientific infrastructure.

Why does Michelle Rhee hate America?

There's got to be SOMETHING I can bad-mouth America about...


Chris Cerrone said...

Here is a parody of the Rhee Olympic video:


Duke said...

I retweeted that - good stuff!

be careful said...

There is a poster on Ravitch who thinks she is a plant from North Korea and she is here to ruin the public Educaiton...sent by their dear leader #3.

Unknown said...

Rhee speaks so badly about american education and unionized teachers yet when she was in the classroom she was ineffective and had the audacity to think discipline entailed duck taping a student's mouth shut.

Ken Houghton said...

That "plant of the North Koreans" theory makes a\s\ much more sense a\s\ than "she's a competent education professional."

If she wants to cherry-pick data, the U.S. received only one medal in boxing in 2008 and will receive none in 2012.

Personally, I blame the growth of Charter Schools for this downward trend. After all, before the rise of The Charter/HomeSchool Movement, we were winning medals, even against Teofilo Stevenson and his cohorts.