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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reformy Alert! Booker Presents Dem Platform

This is not a good sign:
Newark Mayor Cory Booker will speak at the Democratic National Convention next month in Charlotte, N.C., President Obama’s campaign announced late Thursday night.
Booker, one of a dozen speakers the Obama campaign announced, will present the party platform to convention delegates on Sept. 4. He will be joined by Retired Army Lt. General Claudia Kennedy and Rep. Barbara Lee of California.
It is unclear what time Booker will speak, but so far, he is the only New Jersey Democrat who has been given a speaking role at the convention, which will be held Sept. 3-6. Booker co-chaired the party platform committee and his speech is an extension of that leadership role.
"We have a platform that will excite not just Democrats but the nation ... and ensure that Barack Obama will be re-elected," Booker said during a C-SPAN broadcast of committee deliberations.
Teachers, parents, and advocates for public education: we are in big trouble. We know the Republicans want to dismantle public schools; however, if Cory Booker is going to present the education plank of the Democratic Platform, it's a sign that the two parties aren't very far apart. As I wrote before:
Yes, folks, Supermayor will be helping to write the planks on education.

The guy who wants to do away with seniority for teachers.

The guy who welcomed Eli Broad's money into Newark to remake the public schools with a minimum of local input.

The guy who wants more charters and more vouchers, even if they lead to segregation by income, disability, or even race.

The guy who turned Zuck's bucks into a gravy train for his friends.

The guy who said of gutting tenure: "There is no greater urgency in my city," apparently unaware of his city's soaring murder rate.

The guy who got a paid consultant in his first mayoral campaign hired as the superintendent of schools; the same superintendent who overrides the will of the citizens elected by the people to ensure a system of charters replaces public schools in Newark.

The guy who endorsed a report that threw the teachers who serve the most difficult students to educate under a bus.

Yes, folks, that Cory Booker will be helping to write the planks on education. How do you think it will turn out?
Now he's more than just writing the platform; he's the face of Democratic policy. And he's massively funded by Andrew Tisch, one of the biggest corporate education privatizers in America.

I'll say it again: I'm not throwing my vote away. Romney can't be allowed to gain the White House under any circumstances.

But when folks like "Reformy" Cory Booker are guiding Democratic policy on education, we clearly have a lot of work to do after the election.

I'm here to save you teachers and parents from yourselves!


Commuting Teacher said...

This is really disturbing and hardly surprising given the Duncan era we now live in. Booker is on an education advisory council in Connecticut that is all about privatizing, so he sure does have his corporate cheerleaders. We have a LOT of work to do. Where can WE look for leadership?

G. Gales said...

The Democratic Party establishment will continue down this road comfortable knowing that progressives/unions/teachers will support them no matter how destructive their policies are. Expect more of the same.

czarejs said...

Amazing, this is the one area where there seems to be almost no disagreement between the two parties.

Deb said...

And we have to take a stand now on his possible run for Governor. I keep hearing (from Dems!) that Booker is the only one that can beat Christie (in my opinion because people would be flipping a coin). It is August of 2012 - and we are a far ways away from that election and yet people treat it like a foregone conclusion that we have to take Booker to beat Christie. I for one, will not settle for that right now. I will not and no one else who wants better for NJ and wants to save public education in this state - one of the best in the country - should be willing to settle for that either.