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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Matthews: A Fool On Education

Tonight, Chris Matthews revealed himself to be a total ignoramus on education. So much nonsense came out of his big, yellow head that I can't address it all in one post. But I won't be able to sleep tonight until I get this first thing on the record (no embeddable video yet; watch here):
"It is an amazing challenge down here in Florida, Rachel. I've never seen such diversity. The classroom I was in had 200 kids from all over the world: South Asia, Latin America, everywhere. An amazing challenge... 
"I think it's where the left and the right can agree - and Condi Rice certainly rang the bell last night, I thought rather well - education is the civil rights issue of the future. We have to win this fight. The fact that we're so far down on the totem pole right now worldwide in terms of math and science and general education is the challenge I think. "
Wait a minute Chris: you were just in an American classroom where there were kids from all over the world. Even though you say we are at the bottom.

Are people immigrating to America to send their kids to our bad schools?

Or might it be that part of our challenge is to educate the most socially, racially, ethnically, and economically diverse student population in the developed world?

Which explains why, when you account for poverty, America is actually at the top of the world in education?

Matthews goes on to tell us that Michelle Rhee is the best superintendent Washington D.C. ever had. No, really, he did.

I'll take this nonsense on tomorrow. And I'll tell you why I think this segment may, in fact, be the best news I've seen about the fight against reforminess in a long, long time.

I tawt I taw Michelle Rhee!


SusaninNJ said...

I was astonished my Matthews' comments tonight!

ed notes online said...

Never be astonished by anyone who works for NBC given the education nation deform bandwagon. They are all programed to worship Rhee.