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Friday, November 18, 2011

Scrubbing Reformy Rhetoric

Derrell Bradford's most infamous performance, where he admitted that he is all about "advancing the people that advance the reforms, not the reforms themselves," is no longer freely available on YouTube. It is now a "private" video.

Gosh, whatever could he have said that would be embarrassing to a man who says those who oppose his views (like me) are guilty of caring less about student achievement than he does?

Well, we still have the highlight reel. Enjoy:

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Ms. Serdy said...

This is why I have started saving videos I deem too important to be lost like that. I use keepvid.com and then save them where I choose. For some reason I forgot about this gem.

If I told the state that "Hey, I saw Dangerous Minds, I can get certified now, right?" I don't think they'd buy that from me... Why buy it from Darrell?