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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Credit Where It's Due: Tom Moran

I have been very, very hard on Tom Moran lately - justifiably so, I'd say.

But his (I assume it's his) editorial in today's Star-Ledger is spot on:
But there is no evidence that a small increase in the income tax causes an exodus of high earners. This report doesn’t change that. It is a weak attempt to support the governor’s ideology with twisted data and a rigged survey.
* * *
As for the politics, the governor knows that Democrats won’t cut the one tax that is progressive. They are more interested in cutting the property tax, or restoring rebates. Starving the state budget with tax cuts for the rich would make that even harder.
So this is political theater. Christie is probably auditioning for a spot on the national ticket as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential choice. That also would explain why he broke a bipartisan tradition in New Jersey earlier this month by abandoning the effort to force a cleanup of Midwestern coal fleets.
When Christie raised taxes on the working poor by cutting their credits, he told us he had no choice because the state could not afford it. He said the same when he cut programs for the poor.
Back at you, governor. If we have to pinch the paychecks of cashiers and janitors, and throw people off state health care plans, then your pals in the executive suites will have to live without a tax cut. Even if that hurts your political career.
Tom, I really, really wish you would approach education reform with the same rigor you show when writing about taxes. Because this piece is dead on.

Turn away from the dark side...


czarejs said...

The S-L is schizophrenic. One article makes you think they know what they are talking about and the next leaves you scratching your head.

Duke said...

It's screwy, ain't it? Do they think it makes them look "fair"?