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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brined, Deep-Fried Turkey

Trust me; Alton Brown knows what he is talking about:

I didn't do the ladder, because that's just silly, but I did brine in the large cooler with the salt and brown sugar, and the bird was really moist and really, really good. The only downside is no drippings for gravy, but I make stock out of the giblets; add a roux and you're good to go. OK, one other downside: lots of really disgusting used oil.

He is right about this being dangerous. You've got to do that displacement test with water first; a bit of extra work, but well worth it. The other great thing is that the oven was freed up for all the sides.

Family, friends, good food, good wine, football... what more do you want? I hope you all had as great day as we did here; Happy Thanksgiving!

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