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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Reformy" Reporting

I'd like to point out once again that NBC's Brian Williams is accepting an award from a "reformy" group - the Center For Education Reform - that is pro-charter, anti-grass roots, anti-union, and anti-local control. They regularly critique the media, looking for pro-reformy reporting and criticizing anything that may possibly give voice to a push back of their agenda.

Why are they honoring Williams?
Brian Williams – Special Media Award
As the nation’s most well-respected and influential journalist, Brian Williams has thrust the need for education reform into the homes and minds of millions of Americans.
The work of NBC, particularly Williams’ contributions to Education Nation, have made a critical difference in a big, new way building an influential advocacy base for charter schools and reforms that professionalize teaching and put students and performance first. Williams’ wit, intelligence and telegenic personality have not only kept reform a hot issue at NBC, but shows there’s much more to reporting than just being on the beat.
Williams’ passion for creating better educational opportunities does not fade even when the television camera lights do. His personal involvement with schools like Harlem Village Academies and other reform efforts are commendable.
For rockin’ reform on and off the air, the EdReformie goes to…Brian Williams. [emphasis mine]
I am asking everyone here to take a minute and alert the good folks at Media Matters about this. Maybe they can build some traction and get Williams to reconsider his participation in this event - participation that is clearly a violation of journalistic ethics.

mm-tips@mediamatters.org is where to send your tip about this story.

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Anonymous said...

This is why I stopped watching the NBC Evening News with the first "Education Nation." It was so blatantly biased and poor journalism. A week of news based on a movie? Not facts, but facts interpreted by a biased film-maker. Can you imagine NBC basing a week of news broadcasts on a Michael Moore movie?