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Monday, October 31, 2011

Merit Pay Fairy Sighting in Trenton!

Believers in the Merit Pay Fairy get very cross when you tell them she doesn't exist. They claim she will come, but only if we clap harder!
New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney says he could support merit pay in classroom so long as schools, not individual teachers, are rewarded.
The South Jersey Democrat tells The Associated Press a merit pay bill that rewards schools for exceeding educational expectations could be debated before the Legislature recesses for the winter holidays.
Don't worry that this has been tried before and has failed - MANY times. Just keep believing that this time, we'll get it right, and the Merit Pay Fairy will finally appear, waving her magic wand and making childhood poverty and income inequity magically disappear!
Whaddya mean, I remind youse of Sen. Sweeney?

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Ken Houghton said...

So the already-bloated, consistently, er, well-paid-not-matter-their-results Administration should get the monies from teacher effort? Yeah, that works as a plan.